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People need people

I am a certified counsellor (SACAP) and offer counselling, mentorship and debriefing sessions. Have a look at the different options below or get in touch to see if one of these might be right for you. 

Please note that until further notice all counselling is offered via your preferred video chat platform.


A new diagnosis or serious illness usually brings tremendous turmoil to a person and their loved ones. Support is essential as individuals adapt to the changing dynamics of a serious illness. I have 15 years of experience in accompanying palliative care clients and their family members on this journey.

Bereavement Counselling – Losing a loved-one is one of life’s biggest challenges and all too often people face it without adequate support. Having the caring presence of a compassionate counsellor can make all the difference when coping with a loss.


“I can’t see the wood for the trees.”

Keeping the bigger (life) picture in mind while dealing with daily pressures and demands can be tough in today’s workplace, especially in healthcare!

Gain perspective and reflect on your professional development with the support and input from a caring guide. You’ll be surprised how much difference a single session can make – and how affordable it is.



Secondary trauma is real, and our frontline healthcare workers know this to be true! Adequate support is only rarely offered to those who witness suffering as part of their daily job. Without regular debriefing, the anguish, fear and trauma we witness will solidify in our own bodies, hearts and minds.

Clear out the well regularly and allow yourself a moment to acknowledge, process and grieve what you carry in your heart. 

Regular debriefing improves mental and physical health, strengthens resilience and allows for ongoing learning and personal growth.


While I do work a lot with people in the context of serious illness, loss and grief I am equally at home working with individuals during any challenging phase of their life. Some extra support and a space to ‘come up for air’ can be helpful at any life stage.

Counselling needs to fit in with your life and even a few sessions can make a felt difference. You don’t need to commit to a lengthy process. Just give it a try, and see how the first session goes, then take it from there.


Usually, yes, I do visit patients in their homes in the southern peninsula.

However, given the high infection risk for some of my patients, I currently only work online.

A smartphone is absolutely sufficient. A laptop or desktop computer are even better. If you have zoom installed we can use that but a WhatsApp video call works equally well, as does Skype. For the session itself you need to be set up in a quiet and absolutely private environment. Headphones are optional.

Unfortunately not as I do not have a practice number. However, the rates are quite affordable.